The Metroshot Ventures epic started over fourteen years ago. The company is styled after a Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm. It’s no surprise the business was founded in Arizona’s Silicon Desert. The Metroshot Ventures mission statement is to “Build a capitalist empire”. The company develops performance focused business concepts that utilize the firm’s diverse skillsets.

The banner of Metroshot Ventures’ brands have flown all over the world. To date, the company reached across six continents, over two hundred countries and touched millions of people.

Metroshot Ventures crushes any business challenge with over 50+ in-house skillsets. From media production, to marketing to e-commerce and beyond the team creates businesses in a wide spectrum of industries.

Over seventeen ad-ventures were built by the firm. Metroshot Ventures will not stop there. The greatest expansion in the company’s history is currently in development.


Metroshot Ventures  is a division of MetroShot LLC, an Arizona limited liability company. It’s original office was in Chandler, Arizona. The business currently has an office in Scottsdale, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.