Metroshot Ventures founder Christopher Cashak photographed thousands of people during his nightlife photographer career. Some club goers forgot where there pictures were going to be posted because the parties were so intense. Blackout Shakeout was born to solve this problem. Every week the website posted hyper-links to each nightclub and bar’s photos on Typically the links led to Facebook galleries. Christopher Cashak’s images were highlighted in the posts. Blackout Shakeout covered the nightlife scene in Scottsdale, Las Vegas and other cities. Furthermore memorable tag lines “Who took your picture last night?” and “Last night’s business, in pictures” cemented the brand in visitors’ minds.

Blackout Shakeout logo

Blackout Shakeout featured legendary Scottsdale clubs Smashboxx, Dollhouse, Pussycat Lounge, Axis/Radius, Dirty Pretty, Firehouse, Hi Fi, Maya and many more with photo links on Blackout Shakeout. Additionally, image links from the biggest Las Vegas nightclubs 1OAK, Body English, Chateau, Encore Beach Club, Hakkasan, Haze, Jet, LAX, Marquee, PURE, TAO, etc. appeared on the site.



At its peak, Blackout Shakeout attracted over 4,500 users a month(Source: Google Analytics). The site’s coverage expanded to eight states and twenty-four cities. Consequently the site proved to be a strong platform to advertise Christopher Cashak’s brand in the nightlife photography niche. Highly targeted display ads from local clubs also generated revenue.



From major sites like Cashak Style to niche plays like Blackout Shakeout, Metroshot Ventures can attract the right audience at the right time to achieve strategic goals.

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