In 2005, Metroshot Ventures Founder Christopher Cashak started to freelance for a fashion and entertainment print magazine. He became frustrated with their business practices. Fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Cashak created his own website magazine to cover fashion and the Scottsdale nightlife scene. Since CASHAK Magazine was distributed online, including a mobile friendly version dubbed, it parallel the reach of printed magazines.

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Immediately Chris Cashak took to the Scottsdale scene and started photographing the hottest spots. On September 30th, 2005 he entered E4 Nightclub and began CASHAK Magazine’s entertainment coverage.

The magazine’s first slogan was “UNSTOPPABLE”. Later it changed to “Sexy fashion. Sexy women. Sexy events.”



Christopher Cashak aspired to photograph fashion editorials with beautiful women in exotic locations. That print magazine told him they did not pay photographers for their fashion editorial work. He refused to invest his time and money in a shoot then give it away for free. CASHAK Magazine became his vehicle to photograph beautiful models in exotic locations then showcase his work in his own publication.



A plethora of international and national fashion designers appeared in CASHAK Magazine’s fashion editorials, including: Beach Bunny Swimwear, Poko Pano Swimwear, Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Red Carter, Request Jeans, Venus Swimwear, L*Space, Lenny Swimwear, BeCreative Swimwear by Maillot Baltex, Bishop of Seventh, Gypsy 05, Hot Kiss Swimwear, Pink Polka Dot, Pursuit Swimwear by Sunsets Inc. and Rocawear. The work of Arizona designer Susan Di Staulo was also predominately included in a fashion editorial.



CASHAK Magazine attracted stunning and accomplished models to its pages. FHM’s 2006 Digital Darling winner Carlee Ranger posed in multiple photo shoots. International runway model Amy Wicker graced the pages of the magazine. Victoria Thornton, who modeled for Playboy, was also featured in the magazine. Abby Ratay, who was well known as a Hot Import Nights model, showed off the latest bikini fashion trends. The models were made-up by Arizona based stylists.

Many of the models, designers and stylists were featured in exclusive interviews on CASHAK Magazine.



CASHAK Magazine used the beauty of Arizona as the background for its photo shoots. This contrasted with editorials shot in New York City and Los Angeles. A model posing atop a central Phoenix hotel with the downtown skyline in the distance was one editorial in the magazine. In another a model posed on top of the photographer’s car with city lights in the background. With a twist of scenery another editorial was shot on the Mill Avenue bridge at Tempe Town Lake. Continuing the nightlife theme of the magazine’s event pictures, it also photographed fashion models at high-end nightclubs.



CASHAK Magazine’s fashion coverage extended to runway shows held in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. The magazine covered Phoenix Fashion Week and Scottsdale Fashion Week. Local hair shows were also photographed to showcase the latest styles.



The Summer of 2006 CASHAK Magazine produced a swimsuit fashion show at the legendary Pussycat Lounge in Scottsdale Arizona. The show opened with D-JR playing Bush’s “Machinehead”. Arizona based models walk down the center of the lounge wearing internationally known brands Beach Bunny, Red Carter and Venus Swimwear.



CASHAK Magazine covered the hot spots of the Scottsdale Entertainment District and Phoenix area, including: Pussycat Lounge, Axis/Radius, Suede, Myst, E4, Six, Jackrabbit, Club Io, Martini Ranch, Alice Cooper’stown and many more.



Several of the hottest celebrities appeared in CASHAK Magazine- Gwen Stafani(link) performing at the start of her new tour, Shakira(link) in concert, the Black Eyed Peas(link) and Tommy Lee(link) in a nightclub appearance.



Some of the top DJ’s of the time were photographed in CASHAK Magazine including Z-Trip(link), DJ AM(link), DJ Icey(link), DJ Miss Lisa and DJ Aero.


TECHNOLOGY used a content management system(CMS) coded from the ground-up by Metroshot Digital. The platform would serve as the foundation for the video based Cashak Style.



The magazine lead in early adoption of social media sharing, distributed content and feed integration. CASHAK Magazine was heavily promoted on MySpace. The website gave viewers source code links that enabled them to embed photos on their own pages or websites. A commenting system was incorporated in the site. The magazine also offered free desktop wallpaper photos to viewers. also incorporated really simple syndication(RSS) feeds with add buttons for major RSS readers.



CASHAK Magazine was an early participant of the .mobi initiative.  The magazine launched mobile web friendly content on Viewers could access event photos and fashion editorials on their cell phones. This is easy to do with a modern cell phone. However, in 2007 it required advanced techniques to serve this kind of content on primitive mobile devices and restrained bandwidth.



Cashak Magazine was an approved marketing affiliate for Nordstrom, Gap, Apple Bottoms, eModa and Steve Madden.



CASHAK Magazine was named after Metroshot Ventures founder Christopher Cashak. Mr. Cashak was so committed to the success of the venture he put his name on it.



Over 14,700+ viewers visited during the site’s best month(Source: Google Analytics).



While CASHAK Magazine achieved success in its own, it more importantly created a foundation for the ground-breaking Cashak Style.

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