“Chris Cashak” is a photographer initiative centered on the founder of Metroshot Ventures.


Vice Magazine called Chris Cashak “…the most famous event photographer in the world”.

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On September 5th, 2004 Chris Cashak walked into Axis/Radius Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona and began his nightlife photography career. Since then he’s photographed thousands of people and every major DJ act of the last 13 years. The New Times called him Scottsdale’s “Official Nightlife Photographer”.

Chris Cashak quickly set a new bar for the quality and professionalism in the industry. A client remarked that he is the only one who takes his work “seriously”.

Mr. Cashak would go on to photograph legendary venues such as Smashboxx, Pussycat Lounge, Dirty Pretty, Myst, American Junkie, Cake and more in Scottsdale’s Entertainment District.

Cashak was one of the first to encourage club goers to post his pictures on their social networking profiles. Consequently, these party pictures were shared around the world. They helped to build the glamorous nightlife image for Scottsdale.

As early as 2005, event producers promoted Chris Cashak as a headlining artist alongside DJs at their parties. This was a first for photographer talent.



Beyond Scottsdale, Chris Cashak went on to achieve international recognition. He is one of the most famous photographers in the nightlife and electronic dance music(EDM) scenes.

Chris Cashak is the first photographer to breakthrough as a performing artist at events, parties and festivals. He creates and is part of an impromptu experience with the party goers enabling them to enjoy events in a new way. Cashak’s innovative style merges talent in front of the camera with artistry behind it. The combination empowers him to build a personalized connection with the audience that is sharable online. He contrasts with anonymous paparazzi type photographers typically seen at events.

With years of work Chris Cashak showed the value he brings as  the headlining photographer by creating additional buzz, media attention and drawing party goers who want their own unique photo by the artist.

Since the early days of Hollywood, people(movie starlets or not) sought the attention of notable photographers to take their picture. Chris Cashak says the camera phone and selfie fad didn’t change this. He adds people at events are driven to his photos as the everyday phone pictures become mundane. “Selfies are getting old. We’re back to where we started. People feel like a star, when a I take their picture,” Cashak explains.



In a feature article Vice called Chris Cashak “…the most famous event photographer in the world”.

Chris Cashak was also featured or published in these media outlets:
ABC15, Arizona Foothills Magazine,,, AZ Weekly, BWW Music World, Catwalk Magazine, CBS5, COED Magazine, College Times, Complex Media Network, Daily Dose of Base, EDM America TV, EDM Magazine, Eventvibe, Examiner, FHM, Fox 10, Get Out,, Magnetic, Mainstream Magazine, Mass Appeal, Maxim, New Times, North Valley Magazine, Radikal Magazine, That Drop, Savvy/XPOSED, Stuff, Thump, Tilllate Magazine, Trance Family, Trance Podium, USA Today, Vegas Life Today, Verses 69, Univision and more.

A story on Chris Cashak was ranked the fourth hottest article the week of 10/26/2014-11/02/2014 on It was only surpassed by articles on Taylor Swift, THE VOICE and Iggy Azalea.

Chris Cashak was the most followed party, event, nightlife and EDM photographer on social media.

XXLPIX ranked Chris Cashak number 25 of the “Top 100 Photographers on the Web” in 2015. He maintained position in the top 50 over subsequent years.



Chris Cashak designed the Cashak logo. It is part of an evolution starting in 2004.



In 2006 Chris Cashak pioneered Internet selfies by taking portraits with beautiful girls at nightclubs. He called this being the Sultan of Scottsdale.



The Millennial Generation is plagued with a reputation for being effeminate males. As a key part of his brand, Chris Cashak seeks to empower men by leading them as a strong masculine role model.



Like the “haters” Taylor Swift sings about, Chris Cashak has a dedicated group of Internet trolls that actively post blatantly false and misleading information about him. Rather than ignoring these trolls, he embraces them as proof of his popularity. Chris Cashak adores his troll supporters as much as his other fans.



Chris Cashak has a proven track record of success, whether leading Metroshot Ventures or in an initiative baring his name.



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