On January 9th, 2004 Metroshot Ventures(MetroShot LLC) was founded by experienced entrepreneur and .com era veteran Christopher Cashak. Since his teens Mr. Cashak desired to be the captain of his own ship and to create his own path. This company is rooted in that vision.



As an adolescent, Mr. Cashak dreamed of starting a software company to challenge Microsoft’s monopoly. He taught himself BASIC at 14 years old and C/C++ at 15. On an IBM PS/2 running Windows 3.1 and Symantec C/C++ he started experimenting with application development.

In 1995 Christopher Cashak saw hyper-text markup language(HTML) for the first time in a computer magazine. The possibilities of the new Internet frontier immediately intrigued him. Soon after he taught himself HTML and how to setup a website. Mr. Cashak used Windows Notepad to create his first web pages. A copy of PC Paintbrush was his graphic and photo editor. Netscape Navigator was his browser. Mr. Cashak went on to learn new web technologies as they were introduced including JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). His early work was posted to GeoCities.

Internet technology is the foundation of many Metroshot Ventures. This early experience at the dawn of the commercial Internet gave the company’s founder tools and vision needed to make it successful.



In elementary school Christopher Cashak volunteered to be the schools camera man. He setup a video camera, linked it to the school’s closed circuit TV channel and broadcast the principal’s announcements. Later he would produce a school news program with his fellow students. Video broadcasting is in his blood. Seventeen years later Mr. Cashak would produce Metroshot Ventures’ ground breaking Cashak Style.

At age thirteen Christopher Cashak dropped out of junior high school. More than two years later he enrolled in the television broadcast program at a trade school in Mesa, Arizona. The teacher eventually kicked him out of the class. He transfered to the radio program at the school. Mr. Cashak did better in radio but ultimately dropped out again. He vividly remembers a counselor telling him he would be a failure as he left the school.

Christopher Cashak was a writer for the Arizona Republic’s teen ALT. section. In a column he declared that his goal was to graduate from a four year university with the class of 2000.

Mr. Cashak attended college but fell behind in credits his second year. A counselor told him he would not graduate in 2000. The next semester he took twenty-nine credits at two different colleges to catch-up. In May of 1998, at age 18, he graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems with distinction from Mesa Community College.

His education continued at Arizona State University. There was an issue with transferring some of Mr. Cashak’s credits. Again, he was behind on reaching his goal. Again, a counselor doubted his ability to graduate with the class of 2000. Despite the setbacks he never gave up.

On May 12th, 2000 Christopher Cashak walked onto the convocation stage at ASU’s East Campus. He was the first person to graduate with the new Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Media Management degree, cum laude, from Arizona State University.

During college Mr. Cashak adopted the credo: “adapt and excel in any environment”. No matter what happened he always found a way to win. This commitment is at the heart of entrepreneurs. It is a reminder to Metroshot Ventures of the determination needed to succeed.



At 17 years old Christopher Cashak started working for River Info. River Info was a web services company promoting tourism, real estate, casinos, offroad sports, watersports and entertainment in the Colorado River area. His first project was a web page for Road Runner RV Services, Inc(archive). At 18 he was made a limited partner.

Mr. Cashak oversaw the technology side of River Info. His skills grew in server management and expanded into more aspects of web development. His web pages were completed with new graphic artist skills, including 3D modeling. He rendered a 3D map of the Colorado River area with major cities highlighted for a directory page.

Using the latest technology was persistently on the mind of Christopher Cashak. He taught himself the cutting-edge web development tools of the day like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks.

In addition to his role on the technology side of the company, Christopher Cashak also contributed to marketing and business development.



In 1998 Christopher Cashak started producing two weekly entertainment calendar voice-overs for River Info. It was similar in style to a radio broadcast. However these were digital audio recordings transmitted over the Internet. The first was titled “This Week on the Colorado River” and the second was “The Laughlin Review”.

The technology was similar to a modern day podcast. Audio downloaded from the website in a Flash-based player then was heard on the computer’s speakers. It was done in a pop-up window so users could surf while listening to the voice-over. The content was episodic since a new audio recording was played each week. This format differs from streaming media because the voice-over was not broadcast live. This system is documented in the Internet Archive on May 20th, 1998(archive). The Flash player does not load because the archive is incomplete. However a version from a later date does work(archive).



River Info expanded into Las Vegas. One of it’s new clients was Terrible Herbst. Chris Cashak built a website for the company that included their casinos, slot routes, stations/stores and motorsport team(archive).

River Info was ranked on the Interactive 500 Companies in 2000.

Mr. Cashak left the company in 2004.



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Christopher Cashak is primed to lead Metroshot Ventures into the future with over 20 years experience on the front lines of business and as a trailblazer on the Internet frontier.

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