Metroshot Studios started in 2004 as one of the original Metroshot Ventures. Digital photography was the initial focus of the team. However the studio later expanded into video production.



Metroshot Studios serves a diverse mix of clients including corporations, resorts, casinos, restaurants, bars/nightclubs, event producers, fashion designers/brands, fashion weeks, models, public relations(PR)/marketing firms, magazines and more.

The studio creates advertisements, PR photos, event pictures, food/culinary shots, portraits and other types of images.


Read what people are saying about Metroshot Studios…

Shannon Campbell- Stylist

“I have known Chris Cashak of Metroshot Studios for many years since I started as a wardrobe stylist in Arizona. He is professional, knowledgeable and really has an eye and passion for what he does. I would highly recommend hiring Chris for any of your upcoming video projects. He is a class act all the way….”
-Shannon Campbell


“Christopher with MetroShot knows how to capture visual storytelling! He is very talented and professional to work with and top in the industry! StayClassyTV loves working with MetroShot for all of our professional needs!”

Yacine Boraie- Boraie Events LLC, Smashboxx, Zuma

“To whom it may concern,

Throughout my extensive work in the Arizona nightlife industry, there has been one and only one key-player who has continued to stay as progressive and cutting-edge as the fast paced industry itself: distinguished photographer Christopher Cashak [of Metroshot Studios]. From the time I was a casual party-goer and nightclub patron, to my time as a promoter, to bartending, to my time as the manager and marketing director of Jackrabbit Lounge, to my full-time position working for Smashboxx and other ventures and personal projects, Cashak has always been extremely reliable, approachable and courteous to ALL guests and staff, extremely professional at all times, and has continuously produced incredible photos not only in raw quality but also with his own unique creative design. Cashak’s video work (recording and editing) is also second to none in any of my experiences and both his photos and videos are by far the best finished product in town compared to the dwindling competition. Even on those tough nights that every bar or club can have from time-to-time, Cashak flawlessly finds new creative ways to capture the elements of the night that project positively on screen to photo/video viewers. His work speaks for itself, and his charisma and reputation have made him a unique public figure in Scottsdale.¬†

As an experienced promoter, bartender, event coordinator, marketing director, and manager, I highly recommend Christopher Cashak and his services to any bar, club, or special event, as I have seen his work and involvement directly correlate to my success. Feel free to email me any questions, I would be happy to discuss my recommendation of his services and endorsement of his brand with anyone.”
-Yacine Boraie
Marketing & Entertainment Manager
Boraie Events LLC, Smashboxx, Zuma

Beth Yohnanny- Stylist

“Loved working with Christopher from Metroshot Studios! He was very nice, efficient, & professional! Would recommend him to anyone!”
-Beth Yohnanny

Josh Royal- Lucid Entertainment

“Christopher Cashak [of Metroshot Studios] is reliable, dependable, and always puts out good work. Over the last 6 1/2 years i have booked him, he has consistently surpassed my expectations. He is a perfectionist and always put his clients first.”
-Josh Royal
Marketing and Entertainment Direct at Lucid Entertainment
Pussycat Lounge, Dirty Pretty, American Junkie

Mike Alexander- Firehouse

“Mr. Cashak [of Metroshot Studios] has brought a diversified and very unique way of viewing of our customer base and staff members, as well as creating a visual aspect of our marketing portfolio. We appreciate all of the business that we have done with Mr. Cashak in the past and we look forward to doing more business with him in the future.”
-Mike Alexander
Owner and Operator of Firehouse Scottsdale

Marco Divito- Evening Entertainment Group

“Christopher Cashak [of Metroshot Studios] has taken Scottsdale by storm since day one. He is not only a great photographer but an all around great, kind hearted guy. He has taken a lot of real quality shots since i’ve known him and I feel his work only gets better and better everytime he snaps a shot. Keep up the good work Chris! See ya out and about! :-)”
-Marco Divito
Bartender/Promotions at Evening Entertainment Group
Axis/Radius, Myst, Suede, Mint, Sandbar

Marte Sevilla- Cream Stereo Lounge

“My brother and I own Cream Stereo Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is my distinct privilege to work with Mr. Christopher Cashak [of Metroshot Studios] at our club. Since we opened in 2009 I consistently book Christopher for photography and video. He is very well-known in the Scottsdale scene and a consistent professional that does great work every night. Christopher is a genuine person that my club’s guests and staff warmly receive. I can count on him to always show up on time, take great pictures the entire night(sometimes past close) and post them online within a few hours. His amazing photographs and videos help to promote the parties at Cream Stereo Lounge. I consider Christopher to be an integral part of the team that makes my nightclub a huge success. Mr. Cashak is a rare talent with skill, dedication and a true desire to see our entire team succeed.”
-Marte Sevilla, Owner
Cream Stereo Lounge

Ashley Paige- Ashley Paige Collective

“I have worked with Christopher of Metro Shot over the past two years on video interviews of myself. Christopher did a great job giving me tips to sound and look my best. I have to admit video is my least favorite type of interview to do, however with his help year two was smoother with less nerves, & that has carried into other work I have done recently. Thank you for helping me & my brand develop Christopher!”
-Ashley Paige
Ashley Paige Collective


In 2007, Metroshot Studios expanded into video production. It’s first video projects were for fashion centric Cashak Style.

The firm accepted more projects in the fashion industry. Consequently, it filmed events and runway shows for Phoenix Fashion week.

In the entertainment scene, the studio produced music videos for nightlife venues. The venture also edited footage from a nightclub video booth into engaging social media clips.

Currently, Metroshot Studios produces video advertisements.



Metroshot Studios produced thousands of projects for its clients and sibling Metroshot Ventures. The team is constantly starting new productions.



Do you have a new photography or video project? Reach out to Metroshot Studios today on the contact page.

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