Established in 2004 as MetroShot Local Photo Tours, brings the world hyper local photography. Photographs of major landmarks in big cities to small towns are published on the website. It’s initial development covered much of Southern California and Central Arizona. Cities and towns included Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tucson, Redondo Beach, San Clemente, Buckeye, Florence, Mammoth and many more.  Viewers interested in moving to these areas, or planning a trip to the locations, can easily see a photo tour showcasing major points of interest through their computer screens. Pictures of area attractions, local parks, municipal buildings and more are available on the site. logo

Photos published on the site have among the highest resolution available on the Internet. The pictures are shot with a wide-angle lens that provides a panoramic view of the destination and scene.

The website utilizes talent from multiple divisions at Metroshot Ventures. The photographs are produced through Metroshot Studios. Metroshot Digital built a custom website and content management system for the pictures. The website is also marketed through Metroshot Digital.


THE RESULTS recorded over 507,000 page views and 93,400 users since the website’s launch(Source: Google Analytics). Display ads run on the site which help users connect with local businesses, hotels and attractions.



This project demonstrated Metroshot Ventures ability to synergistically use its various skillsets to produce a website beloved by travelers and home buyers.



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