Metroshot Ventures founder Christopher Cashak developed a new style of photography that captured a different dimension of nightlife. In 2006, he began publishing Nightstreak photos. In these images he used advanced photography techniques to create visual effects naturally inside the camera with a single exposure. No post-production blurring, duplication, deletion or addition were used to create the effects.

Mr. Cashak selected go go dancers at the Scottsdale nightclubs as his photography subjects. The movement of the dancers, energetic lighting systems and his advanced imaging technique created the one-of-a-kind photos. Nightstreak received critical acclaim and recognition.

Cashak Nightstreak

Initially Nightstreak photos were incorporated into Cashak Magazine. Later the images were hosted on their own website.

Cashak Nightstreak

Emilee Young, Laynie Trippe, Candace Kirkpatrick and Tamara Guenthner were go go dancers featured in the stylistic photographs.



Chris Cashak used an artistic expression of parties and nightlife to build his brand in the industry.

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