Metroshot Ventures founder Chris Cashak pioneered the modern Internet selfie in 2006 by taking portraits with beautiful women at Scottsdale nightclubs then posting the pictures on the Internet. He called this being the “Sultan of Scottsdale“.

Others who claim to invent the selfie predate digital cameras and the Internet. These photographers took pictures with a film camera. The negatives were developed into prints seen by only a few people. Some photographers took digital self portraits but did not upload them to the Internet. This contrasts with Chris Cashak who pioneered using a digital camera in making a selfie that was posted on the Internet. His extended arm approach was also a key differentiator. These pictures were seen by a large audience. Mr. Cashak used a desktop computer and wired Internet connection initially to upload them because cell phone connectivity was slow and cumbersome at the time.



At first he had a third person snap the photos. Mr. Cashak then used a tripod and timer to take the images. Later he held the tripod with a mounted camera to take the pictures- similar to the selfie stick method.  Ultimately he settled on the extended arm approach while holding the camera pointing toward him. This is the most popular selfie taking method today with a cell phone camera.



Mr. Cashak’s pictures even predate the Apple iPhone(launched in 2007) and touch screen smart phones which made selfies accessible to more people.

He used a digital point and shoot initially for the Sultan of Scottsdale photos. Chris Cashak carried a DSLR camera to photograph the party goers at nightclubs. Later he used the DSLR to take the selfies with the extended arm approach.



Mr. Cashak digitally added a cartoon like crown graphic to the pictures before uploading them to the Internet.



Sultan of Scottsdale was featured on Vice(link)(archive) in 2014.



The approximate date Chris Cashak started taking selfie(or Sultan of Scottsdale) photos can be verified by the whois record for It’s March 15th, 2006.



Sultan of Scottsdale and the Internet selfie proved to be powerful brand and marketing tools for Chris Cashak.



Chris Cashak posted the Sultan of Scottsdale photos to and his website

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