According to AZ RESCUE in 2005, two-hundred animals were euthanized in Maricopa County, Arizona every day.  A significant number of unwanted animals are abandoned then die on the street or in the desert as well.  There is a critical need for more space and funding at Arizona animal shelters and rescues.  In partnership with the Arizona community, Metroshot Ventures created The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar to raise awareness for this important issue.

Sterner Swimsuit Calendar

The 2005 Sterner Swimsuit Calendar’s intention was to attract support and donations for Arizona no-kill animal shelters and rescues.  Website visitors were asked to make a donation of any amount directly to an Arizona animal shelter or rescue in exchange for using the computer desktop calendar as their background or wallpaper.  A list of shelters and rescues were provided on the calendar’s website with links to the respective organization’s site.  Many of the animal shelters and rescues accepted donations online.

The 2005 Sterner Swimsuit Calendar Models were Daynalyn Wain(The Agency Arizona model), Amy Nicole Wicker(international model), Amparo Elizabeth, Vanessa Sterner, Erica Sterner, Kellyn Lindemann and Gina Silvestri. This is an elite group of Arizona models with credits including: two Miss Hawaiian Tropics, a Miss Hispanic Arizona runner-up and features by Maxim Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Sonik Magazine, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger plus Everything But Water.  Each model is a pet owner and devotee.

The models, fashion designers and photographer were all volunteers.  No participant received monetary compensation for their time or work on the project.

Arizona broadcast legend Dave Pratt interviewed two of the models and the calendar’s photographer on his morning show.  At the time, his show aired on KMLE.



The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar was named after Erica Sterner who throughout her life has devoted her time to the care of animals.  Ms. Sterner was a volunteer at Sun City Animal Rescue for two years.  As a child Erica was known for taking in injured animals she found on the street and nursing them back to health.  For her full-time career, Erica is turning her compassion to people as a paramedic. Erica is featured as Miss October in the 2005 calendar.



More than 8,300 referrals were recorded to Arizona Animal Shelters and Rescues.  Any donations for the calendar were made directly to the shelters and rescues.



Metroshot Ventures was proud to utilize its skillsets and talent to raise awareness for a critical issue in the Arizona community.



The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar is preserved at the Internet Archive(archive link).

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